Cura Surveys


Cura assists you in conducting a variety of surveys, self assessments and reviews that include:

  • Control self assessments (CSA) Compliance assessments
  • Privacy surveys
  • Voting Risk surveys
  • HR, marketing and other
  • Corporate Surveys
  • Regulatory Surveys
  • Benchmarking
  • Maturity Evaluations
  • Vendor and customer surveys

Cura Surveys enables you to deploy the required questionnaires, obtain multi level sign-offs, analyze and audit the data, provide automated corrective action notifications to participants, as well as reporting at all levels.

Cura Surveys consists of two interfaces. The first allows rich configuration of Question Types and Categories, Question Libraries, Organization Hierarchies, Position Types, Process Owners, full Question configuration, Scoring, Schedules, Reporting design and more.

The second interface, the Web Browser, allows respondents to see which questionnaires are available to be answered, to execute the questionnaires, save or submit them as well as spot check or audit peers’ responses. Cura also enables managers to drill down and see respondent statistics to get an accurate view of the respondent progress in their area.

Surveys Business Features Include:

  • Knowledge base driven to maintain consistency across questions, answers, and organization/reporting structures.
  • Conditionality of Questions.
  • Categorization, Grouping and Process Areas.
  • Corrective Action Notifications. Sub-Assignment manually or automatically (through HR integration for leave, open positions etc.)
  • Multiple Organizational Structures.
  • Multiple Surveys run simultaneously.
  • Powerful reporting features with extensive analytic capabilities including slice and dice, trending, model reporting and more.
  • Web reporting and dashboards.
  • Simple to implement and easy to learn and operate.
  • Save and submit and managerial un-submit capability.
  • Item by Item scheduled Audit ‘spot checks’ and ‘peer reviews’.
  • Supports progress summaries with drill downs, sign-offs, peer reviews and audits.
  • Scoring and weighting of all answers per question.

Technical Features include:

  • Complete configuration of all questions, categories, scoring, weighting, process areas and more.
  • Web, and multiple server based deployment options or a hosted delivery model, all using the same version and code.
  • Full web service environment.
  • Integration with LDAP, Active Directory, for authentication and user/group permissions on all levels and elements.
  • Highly secure using SSL, DES3 and other appropriate algorithms.
  • Customizations available for offline submissions.
  • Built in reporting.
  • Integration with Assessor.