Cura Enterprise


Managing today’s complex and diverse Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements in an organization, cannot be done by using one approach. For instance, Regulatory items require a different approach to highly analytical ones and policies, IT Security and Audit need yet another approach.  This is where Cura Enterprise comes into play, and sets you on the right track. Cura has developed its solutions to allow for highly generic and configurable features, all of which are based on a common foundation.


The result – a highly configurable GRC foundation that meets your organizational needs, and provides a balance between qualified and quantified data, all of which can be normalized and reported on across the entire organization.

Some key benefits of Cura Enterprise include:

  • Manage your risk and compliance operations within one flexible, configurable solution.
    Cura Enterprise is flexible and configurable to support your unique business requirements. It provides you with easy access to your risk and compliance information with the ability to configure custom workflows, calculations, multiple methodologies, a limitless hierarchy, and ‘virtual parameters’ to normalize reporting.
  • Clarity Through Convergence.
    Cura enables managers to improve insight and oversight of the issues and exposures of the business at a strategic level. All GRC information is represented in a common, normalized scaling, rating and scoring mechanism. Actions, trends and treatment strategies that affect or ‘creep’ across multiple business disciplines and areas can be identified and treated.
  • Virtual Autonomy.
    While providing a high level of clarity through convergence, Cura enables each department to make use of the tool and track its data in its own unique workflow, data parameters, calculations, metrics and libraries. This allows staff to retain responsibility and independence in their business areas, while preserving the “bigger picture”.
  • Capture 100% of your information.
    Cura Enterprise allows you to capture 100% of your influencing variables with its flexible data model by allowing the addition of data elements you need to capture, inclusive of associated properties. Administrators of the system can continue to change and configure these models without external intervention of Cura by using simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Improve efficiency through simple to use notification driven web interfaces.
    The solution streamlines the identification, assessment, review and treatment processes. At Cura, we believe that customers have little time to learn and navigate complex interfaces – hence we have simplified user interfaces to allow easier collection and management of data, all driven through powerful e-mail notification and escalation features.
  • Enhance business decision making through superior reporting and analysis.
    Our best-in-class reporting system allows your business users to easily analyze the information captured. Our system comes with standard report templates. In addition, you can quickly modify or create new reports and dashboards to help you make the decisions that improve productivity and performance. Finally, Cura can integrate with 3rd party reporting and dash boarding tools that may already be in use at your company.
  • Integration.
    Cura’s open architecture facilitates the integration with other enterprise systems. Operating using middleware and web services based architecture, allows Cura to be integrated into other systems such as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, ACL, legacy applications, Reuters, Fitch, K2 and more. Cura is supplied with LDAP, Windows Authentication and other adaptors to ensure that maintaining authentication, contact information etc. are all made simple.