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  1. IBM Algorithmics

    IBM Algorithmics software enables financial institutions and corporate treasuries to make risk-aware business decisions. Supported by a global team of risk experts based in all…

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  2. IBM Cognos BI

    Analytics in the hands of everyone who needs it

  3. IBM

    IBM Cognos is a integrated business intelligence(BI) and planning solution purpose built to meet the needs of companies. It delivers the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard,…

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  4. Cura Quants

    Cura Quants allows users to model complex business projects, capital and other quantitative intensive customer requirements. Quants links risks and treatment strategies to these models…

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  5. Cura Surveys

    Cura assists you in conducting a variety of surveys, self assessments and reviews that include: Control self assessments (CSA) Compliance assessments Privacy surveys Voting Risk…

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  6. Cura Enterprise

    Managing today’s complex and diverse Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements in an organization, cannot be done by using one approach. For instance, Regulatory items require…

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