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  1. IBM ALM Overview

    IBM Algorithmics software enables financial institutions and corporate treasuries to make risk-aware business decisions. Supported by a global team of risk experts based in all…

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  2. Algo Market Risk

    Algo Market Risk is a scenario-based solution that helps measure and manage market risk. Its Monte Carlo simulations of mark-to-market valuations allow banks and financial…

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  3. Algo Liquidity Risk

    Algo One Liquidity Risk is an integrated, scenario-based framework that helps banks to more effectively manage and maintain liquidity. It offers extensive and detailed product…

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  4. IBM Algo Credit Risk

  5. Algo Market Credit ALM-Single Engine

  6. IBM Algo Credit Manager

    Algo Credit Manager enables risk-informed decision making at all stages of the credit process — from origination, renewal and approvals, and monitoring of exposure, conditions…

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  7. IBM Algo Asset Liability Management

    Identify opportunities for profit and concentrations of risk Algo Asset Liability Management is an asset and liability management framework that helps banks and financial institutions…

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  8. IBM Cognos Family

  9. IBM Cognos Mobile

    Intelligence on the go

  10. IBM Cognos TM1